EZ Color for Men

Shade: M1 Jet Black

A Product from Bigen for Men
Permanent Hair Color That Covers Grays on Your Hair and Beard in Just 10 Minutes!

Bigen EZ Color for Men works on both your hair and beard with excellent gray hair coverage. EZ Color won't stain skin, doesn't drip and provides a natural looking color that lasts. EZ color's cream formula is easy to apply. Simply comb EZ Color into your hair or beard, wait 10 minutes, then rinse. EZ Color for Men comes in two re-sealable tubes, which means you use what you need, and save the rest for touch-ups or your next hair color application.

Easy, comb-in application

No Stains. No Mess. Bigen EZ Color leaves no trace behind; just a natural, younger-looking you. No tell-tale stains on skin, no messy clean up! Just natural looking color every time. Simply squeeze the cream from both tubes onto the included applicator comb, and comb in. You won't believe how easy it is to get great results.

One Product for Both Hair and Beard

Why hassle with one product for your hair, and another product for your beard? With EZ Color for Men, you don't have to! Just comb Bigen EZ Color into your hair or beard, wait 10 minutes, and wash it out. It's that simple! A better way to get your grays our with natural-looking men’s color.

Gentle formula with aloe extract and olive oil

No Ammonia. Low Peroxide. In addition to offering four natural looking shades to choose from, EZ Color for Men also uses aloe extract and olive oil in our formula to leave hair healthy, rejuvenated and shiny.


  • Natural-looking Hair Color
  • Colors Hair & Beard
  • Excellent Gray Hair Coverage
  • Moisturizes and Shines Hair
  • No Ammonia
  • Low Peroxide
  • No Stains on Skin
  • Multiple Applications

How To Use Bigen EZ Color for Men

Before Application

Read the instructions provided in the box thoroughly before use. Before each time you color your hair, we highly recommend completing the 48 hour skin allergy test.

  1. Make sure to wear suitable gloves. You can find a set included in the product box. Tip: If the gloves are too loose, use rubber bands to tighten them around your wrists.
  2. We recommend removing contact lenses before coloring your hair.
  3. Cover your shoulders with a towel or cape that you do not mind getting stained.
  4. Be sure your hair is clean and free of any product buildup. For this we recommend washing and drying your hair 24 hours before coloring.
  5. To prevent staining on your skin, apply cold cream around your ears, hairline, and the nape of your neck.
  6. Keep a damp paper towel close by. This is to help wipe skin if hair color gets on it!

Getting Ready to Color

  1. For use on head hair only prepare the Applicator Comb.
  2. For use on beard/mustache/ sideburns prepare both the Applicator Comb and tray.

CAUTION: DO NOT mix with other products. The color of the mixture does not indicate the final results.


For Head Hair:

  1. Squeeze Cream Colorant (Tube 1) to fill up one row of the groove on the Applicator Comb.
  2. Squeeze Cream Developer (Tube 2) to fill up the second row of the groove on the Applicator Comb. Make sure they are equal parts to the other.
  3. Starting with the grayest part of your head hair, start to comb the product into your hair.
  4. Repeat step 1 - 3 until your head hair has been covered thoroughly and combed evenly and thoroughly with the product.
  5. At this time, if you are only coloring your head hair, leave the product in your hair for 10 minutes to process the color.

For Beard/Mustache/Sideburns:

  1. Squeeze out equal parts of Cream Colorant (Tube 1) and Cream Developer (Tube 2) into the tray included in the kit.
  2. Use the comb to mix the product in the tray thoroughly.
  3. Use the Applicator Comb tip to apply the mixture from the tray to your beard/mustache/sideburns.
  4. Leave the product in for 10 minutes to process the color.

NOTE: Discard any unused mixture.


10 minutes total

Note: Total time of application and development should not exceed 10 minutes to prevent hair color from becoming too dark.
Tip: Check color development several times by wiping a strand of the hair with a cotton ball or paper tissue to adjust your developing time. Once desired color is obtained, proceed to rinsing your hair. Please go to rinse directions for more information.

For Re-Touch Technique

  1. Apply on new growth only. Note: if you have partially gray hair, start re-touch application at the area with the most gray.
  2. Process shortly for 5 minutes.
  3. If necessary, apply mixture on ends.
  4. Process hair for 5 more minutes.
  5. Rinse hair (please go to rinse directions for more information).


  1. Rinse hair thoroughly with warm water until water runs clear. Avoid water coming into contact with eyes.
  2. Shampoo and condition hair with a color safe shampoo and conditioner! We suggest using our Bigen Protect & Repair Conditioner to help maintain your fresh color and condition your hair.
  3. Dry and style as desired.

Additional tips:

  1. If there is cream left in Tube 1 or Tube 2 after application, tightly recap tubes.
  2. Discard unused mixture. Wash Applicator Comb, Tray and Gloves (if you would like to reuse them) well before storing them.
  3. The color of cream around the opening of Cream (tube 1) may slightly darken when you open it again, but this will not affect the product's dyeing effect.

Thank you for being a Bigen Customer! 😊

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