Frequently Asked Questions

About Bigen Permanent Powder

Is Bigen Powder a permanent hair color?

Yes, it is a permanent hair color that features a depositing action only. It does not rub off, and its color stays 4 to 6 weeks.

What are the benefits of using Bigen Powder?

  • Easy to use (simply mix with water)
  • Contains no ammonia, requires no hydrogen peroxide (Less damage)
  • Very gentle to hair
  • Long lasting, with controlled and predictable results
  • No harsh odors
  • Gives hair a smooth, rich and natural look

What is the purpose of Bigen Powder?

The purpose of Bigen Powder is fourfold:

  1. to darken hair,
  2. to match or enhance your natural hair color,
  3. to permanently and easily cover gray and
  4. to restore hair color that has been faded either by sun, chlorine, sea water or chemical processing.

What makes Bigen Powder unique?

Bigen Powder is a leading powdered permanent hair color that does not contain ammonia nor metallic ingredients in its formula, and does not require hydrogen peroxide for processing.

Who can benefit from Bigen Powder?

Bigen Powder is designed for those who desire dark, rich healthy looking hair and cover gray.

Can men use Bigen Powder?

Yes. Bigen Powder will gently cover gray without drastic changes in your natural color.

Is it okay to color my hair black using Bigen Powder right after using semi-permanent hair color?

Yes, of course. However, if you have previously colored your hair with henna or a color-restorer, you need to wait until your hair has grown out, until these colors fade completely out of your hair, or until your color-treated hair has been cut. Otherwise, the desired results may not be obtained.

How does Bigen Powder compare with semi-permanent colors?

Bigen Powder and semi-permanent colors are crucially different with regard to lasting color. Bigen Powder lasts about 4 to 6 weeks, while semi-permanent colors last about 2 to 3 weeks, washing out gradually.

About Usage

Do I have to do a skin allergy test before application every time I color my hair?

All permanent hair colors, including Bigen Powder, require a preliminary skin allergy test before each use. Your body constitution and condition change every day. Allergic reactions can occur depending on the constitution of the day of use. Please make sure that you do the skin test before each use, even if you have been coloring for years without any problems.

You should carry out the skin test 48 hours before application to see if you are allergic to hair color product, every time you color your hair with permanent hair color product. If you notice any signs of burning, swelling, redness or irritation on your skin during these 48 hours, do not use the product.

Can I color my eyelashes or eyebrows with this product?

No. This product must not be used for dyeing eyelashes or eyebrows. To do so may cause blindness. Avoid contact with your eyes. If product gets into the eyes, rinse immediately and please consult your physician.

Can I color my mustache with this product?

No. Do not use this product for body hair (besides hair on scalp) or facial hair (such as beard or mustache). To do so may cause irritation or injury.

Can I use Bigen Powder for tattoos or body art?

No. Do not use this product for tattoos or body art. To do so may cause irritation or an allergic reaction.

How do I select the right color for me?

Always choose the shade that is closest to your own natural color (or 1 to 2 shades lighter) for best results.

Is 6g (0.21 oz.) powder enough to cover all my hair?

With an entire bottle of Bigen Powder and the proper measurement of water (Fill to the "FULL" line of the measuring tray), you can make 2.3 fl oz. of mixture. This amount is good enough to cover from short hair to shoulder-long hair. You may need 2 boxes if you have long hair.

Can I apply Bigen Powder to wet hair?

No. Bigen Powder should be applied only on dry hair. Excessive moisture may increase the risk of dripping, which might get into your eyes. To avoid contact with eyes, do not apply color mixture to wet hair.

My hair has excessive hair styling product buildup. Should I wash my hair before coloring?

You should not wash your hair immediately before coloring. Wait at least 24 hours after shampooing before you apply the color.

Can Bigen Powder be used on chemically treated hair?

Yes. As Bigen Powder is a non-ammonia formula that does not require the use of hydrogen-peroxide, it gently deposits color. We suggest waiting two weeks between chemical treatments for minimum hair damage.

Can Bigen Powder be used to add depth to previously lightened hair?

Yes. Bigen Powder is excellent for black tint and corrective coloring, to eliminate off tones and cool-down over lightened hair.

What will the results be after using Bigen Powder?

Your hair will be rich and lustrous, with magnificent natural-looking color.

What is the processing time for Bigen Powder?

Normal processing time is 15 to 30 minutes at room temperature (approximately 68° F to 86° F). The coloring process is a chemical reaction that starts when you mix the powder with water. It is not recommended to take too long to apply and process, which may cause hair damage or unexpected coloring results.

Can I use Bigen Permanent Powder to lighten my hair?

No. Bigen Permanent Powder is not designed to lift your hair color to a lighter shade.

Does Bigen Powder lift and deposit color simultaneously?

No. Bigen Powder has no lifting action. It is a deposit-only color.

Is it necessary to go under a dryer during processing?

No. Using a dryer is not recommended. Use Bigen Powder at room temperature (approximately 68°F to 86°F).

How long does Bigen Powder color last?

Up to 4 to 6 weeks, depending on each individual's hair condition.

What is the procedure for new growth or retouch application?

Using a tint brush, simply apply Bigen Powder mixture to the new growth.

Sometimes, the color comes out darker than color swatch/samples displayed at stores. Why?

The hair swatches show the coloring result when Bigen Powder is applied to 100% gray hair. Bigen Powder tends to come out darker when applying to black hair because it has no lifting action. We recommend that you select 1 or 2 levels lighter than your original, natural color.

I have colored my hair black. Can I lighten the hair with hair color product?

No. Color pigments of permanent hair color once oxidized and developed are difficult to remove from hair. It's almost impossible to lighten previously darkened hair with permanent hair color by yourself. For more information, ask for a professional colorist at a salon.

I colored my hair with Bigen Powder. Can I lighten the hair with other color products?

No. Since Bigen Powder is a permanent hair color, Bigen Powder's color pigments are difficult to remove from hair after oxidized and developed. For more information, ask for a professional colorist at a salon.

How long can I store Bigen Powder if it is unopened?

You can store Bigen Powder up to 5 years if it is unopened and stored in a cool and dark place.

Care After Coloring

What type of shampoo and conditioner should I use after using Bigen Powder?

To protect your hair color from fading, use products that have been specially formulated for color-treated hair.

How long should I wait to recolor my hair after using Bigen Powder?

Wait at least one week to color your hair again after the use of this product.

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