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Powder Bleach and Cream Developer

High dissolving, dust-free Bigen Powder Bleach formula will quickly provide up to 11 levels of lift to natural or artificial hair color. With arginine and cationic cellulose, Bigen Powder Bleach protects your hair while it lifts your color.

Bigen 20 Volume Cream Developer mixes easily with Bigen Powder Bleach into a creamy consistency, ideal for brush-and-bowl application. Provides a slightly thicker mixture for easier application. Stabilized for consistent, predictable results.

Six Dazzling Shades

Co4: Light Cognac TB3: Turquoise Blue AR4: Apricot Red RP4: Royal Purple PP4: Passion Pink RR3: Intensive Ruby Red

Dust Free
Powder Bleach

  • Lifts up to 11 levels
  • High performance formula
  • Conditioning Qualities
  • Beautiful, uniform results
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20 Volume
Cream Developer

  • Stabilized formula
  • Thick, rich consistency
  • Easy application
  • Uniform color results
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Bigen Permanent Powder Boxes

Permanent Powder
Hair Color

Beautiful, lasting results
with excellent gray coverage

Bigen Semi-Permanent Bottles

Hair Color

Long-lasting color without
ammonia or peroxide

Bigen Haircare Products


Natural looking, stain free
hair color in only 10 minutes