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"Smells amazing"- Cecile M, Marblehead OH

I love using this product after I color my hair



"Conditions without residue"- Laura V M, Oregon City OR

When I began using Bigen's permanent haircolor a few years ago I thought it best to use the Deep Conditioner as well, get the full experience. In the past I'd tried other conditioners with over-the-counter hair dyes and found them useless, too greasy or with a stiff buildup residue. Bigen's Protect and Repair Deep Conditioner has been extremely good for my coarse hair; it allows the waves and natural curl to come through and gives a good shine too. I believe that using the combination of the two products together as Bigen recommends has made the color last longer as well, a real bonus! Some months I only have to color the new growth at the scalp line, a time saver.



"A Gentle but effective shampoo!"- Matthew W, Gardena CA

I really like Bigen's Protect & Repair Shampoo. It cleans my hair gently and I like that it uses natural ingredients, like rice water. Also, I color my hair, and the color seems to last longer than with other shampoos I've used on a daily basis.


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