5 Foods that Give You Healthy Hair

It’s no secret the super combo of adequate rest, a healthy diet and moderate exercise can do wonders for your attitude, health, skin, and yes, of course your hair.  But remarkably, not all health foods are created equal when it comes to hair health. You may have tried expensive shampoos, treatments, and gone months without coloring — or even washing your hair — hoping to lessen hair damage only to feel frustrated with your [lack of] results. But it may have nothing to do with what you’re putting on your hair; rather, what you’re putting in your body.

The following are the top 5 super foods you can add to your diet to get some major healthy strands!

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Treat Your Hair Right

Seasons change and hairstyles do too!  We want what we see in all the fashion magazines, but coloring, curling, straightening can cause stress on hair.  The average hair strand is exposed to over 300 washes and blow-outs, 8-10 color treatments and 15,000 strokes with a brush or comb over a two year period.  Unhealthy, dull and damaged hair is a high price to pay for keeping up with trends.  Here are some very helpful hints on treating your hair right.

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Evening Party Hair That Lasts All Night

You’re all dressed up and ready to go!  Now, will your fabulous ‘hairdo’ turn into a ‘hair don’t’ at the stroke of midnight?  Relax!  Common foes like the frizzes or flat hair can be avoided.  Leave your concerns at home knowing your do won’t become a don’t before it’s time.  Here are some tips so you can avoid any stress distress.

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Common Hair Care Beliefs: Truth or Myth

You have probably heard several stories about hair products. Bigen can weigh on on whether some of them are true or only myths.

Myth # 1: The only difference between Salon Products and Drugstore Products is the price
False. Salon Products are made with ingredients of higher quality, that are more expensive and that will give you better results. These ingredients are not always found in Drugstore Products.

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Best Tips for Gorgeous Curls

Catwalks as well as all the red-carpet events are literally studded with girlish curly hairstyles and romantic wavy looks. It seems it’s all about curls and waves. Watch Out, Curves Ahead…keep reading to get some hot hair tips for your own curly/wavy beauty look.

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Can You Really Revitalize Your Hair?


verb | re·vi·tal·ize   | \ (ˌ)rē-ˈvī-tə-ˌlīz \

to give new life or vigor to

When you come across a hair care product, you might find a phrase like “will revitalize your hair” in its benefits claims. But can a product truly revitalize or “give new life” to your hair? To answer that, we must first answer the question “is hair alive?”

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