Common Hair Care Beliefs: Truth or Myth

You have probably heard several stories about hair products. Bigen can weigh on on whether some of them are true or only myths.

Myth # 1: The only difference between Salon Products and Drugstore Products is the price
False. Salon Products are made with ingredients of higher quality, that are more expensive and that will give you better results. These ingredients are not always found in Drugstore Products.

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Huh? The hair of a doll will grow?

There is a Japanese ghost story called “The Hair of the Doll Grows.” But could a doll really have actual growing hair? It is true that in ancient Japan, doll manufacturing was an art form, which included the use of actual human hair. But even in the case of a doll using human hair, once separated from a human scalp, hair will not grow. In this article we will delve into the reasons why hair can’t grow on a doll, as well as why some people may believe it can and does.

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Marie Antoinette went gray overnight?

There’s a story that Marie Antoinette, Queen of the King of France Louis XVI, had her hair go completely gray overnight because of the stress when she figured she will be executed soon. However, considering how hair is made, this story seems unrealistic. The hair’s color would never change dramatically overnight unless you apply color to your hair.

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