Banishing Split Ends

Unfortunately you can’t ‘glue’ split ends back together and so, the only way to eliminate them is to cut them off.  If your hair is looking less than perfect, go in for a trim. After that, to keep unsightly split ends from turning your do into a don’t, here’s what to do in order to protect and defend their hair!

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Hair tips for your little darlings

Little girls care just as much about their appearance as their moms do and combined with the constant media messages that you have to be blond and thin to be beautiful, I truly believe that we have to start early to make young women feel confident with their look.

In any case, caring for hair for the under 10 set is easy when you know the right tips and tricks for keeping it healthy, shiny and bubble gum free.

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Little Beauty Secrets

You might think that staying beautiful can be a complicated process. On the contrary, the best-kept secrets require hardly any effort. Small, simple rituals are the greatest way to stay looking young and attractive!

Think natural – There are many natural items in your home such as fruit that you can use instead of spending a fortune on the latest products, which have ingredients you can’t even read let alone understand. You get the same results for a fraction of the cost and the method is easier.

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5 Foods that Give You Healthy Hair

It’s no secret the super combo of adequate rest, a healthy diet and moderate exercise can do wonders for your attitude, health, skin, and yes, of course your hair.  But remarkably, not all health foods are created equal when it comes to hair health. You may have tried expensive shampoos, treatments, and gone months without coloring — or even washing your hair — hoping to lessen hair damage only to feel frustrated with your [lack of] results. But it may have nothing to do with what you’re putting on your hair; rather, what you’re putting in your body.

The following are the top 5 super foods you can add to your diet to get some major healthy strands!

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Treat Your Hair Right

Seasons change and hairstyles do too!  We want what we see in all the fashion magazines, but coloring, curling, straightening can cause stress on hair.  The average hair strand is exposed to over 300 washes and blow-outs, 8-10 color treatments and 15,000 strokes with a brush or comb over a two year period.  Unhealthy, dull and damaged hair is a high price to pay for keeping up with trends.  Here are some very helpful hints on treating your hair right.

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