How To Use Bigen Easy Color

Getting Ready To Color

Read the Instructions provided in the box thoroughly before use.

Practical Advice
Safety Instructions
Before Application
This Kit Contains:
Items to be Prepared:
  1. Squeeze out the same amount of Cream Colorant ① and Cream Developer ② in the tray.
  2. Mix well with 2-Way Brush until the two creams are completely mixed.
How to Use—For Full Head Application
  1. Apply the mixture on dry hair with BRUSH starting from the areas where hair is most gray.
  2. Continue until hair is totally covered with the mixture.
  3. COMB through to hair ends for even distribution making sure that every strand is well covered.
  4. Leave the mixture on hair for about 10 minutes. A 10-minute developing time is recommended when the application takes you 10 minutes.
    *If the application takes you longer than 10 minutes, it is recommended to leave on for less than 10 minutes. If it takes you less than 10 minutes, it is recommended to leave on for more than 10 minutes.
Bigen Easy Color for Women—Application Illustration
How to Use—For Retouch Application
  1. Using the BRUSH, apply the mixture only to new growth roots.
  2. Leave the mixture on roots for about 7 minutes.
  3. COMB through gently to make sure the mixture is evenly distributed from roots to ends.
  4. Leave mixture on hair for 2 to 3 more minutes.
Rinse and Dry
  1. When the desired color is obtained, rinse hair thoroughly with lukewarm water until water runs clear and shampoo well.
    *Avoid water coming into contact with eyes.
    *It is recommended to use a color safe hair conditioner after shampooing well.
  2. Dry and style as usual.
For Next Application
  1. If there is cream left in Cream Colorant ① and Cream Developer ② after application, tightly recap both tubes.
  2. Discard unused mixture. Wash 2-Way Brush, Tray and Gloves well before storing them.
  3. The color of cream around the opening of Cream may slightly darken, but will not affect product’s dyeing effect.
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