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Bigen Easy Color

About Bigen Easy Color

Is Bigen Easy Color a permanent hair color?

Yes, it is a permanent hair color.

What is the processing time for Bigen Easy Color?

Normal processing time is 10 minutes.

Will Bigen Easy Color stain my skin and scalp?

No, Easy Color’s advanced formula leaves virtually no stains on skin or scalp.

How do you use Bigen Easy Color?

Mix equal parts of tubes 1 & 2 in the mixing tray. Apply to dry hair using the 2-way brush and comb through until all hair is covered with cream. Wait 10 Minutes. Rinse until water is clear. Shampoo with Bigen shampoo and Deep conditioner for best results.

Does Bigen Easy Color lift and deposit color simultaneously?

No. Easy Color has no lifting action. It is a deposit only color and will not lighten your hair.

Do I need to do a skin test before using Bigen Easy Color?

Yes, because Bigen Easy Color is a permanent hair color, it requires a 48-hour patch test (skin test) before each application. Read and follow the directions carefully.

How many shades of Bigen Easy Color are available?

Currently there are 4 shades of Easy Color- 1B Intense Black, 1N Natural black, 2N Deep Espresso, 4N Mocha Brown.

Can I apply Easy Color to wet hair?

No, Bigen Easy Color should be applied to dry hair. Shampoo the night before if needed.

How do I select the right Bigen Easy Color shade for my hair?

Always choose the Bigen Easy Color shade that is closest to your own natural color or one shade lighter for best results.

Is it necessary to place my hair under a dryer during processing?

No. Using a dryer is not recommended. Use Easy Color at room temperature (68ºF to 77ºF).

What type of shampoo should be used after using Easy Color?

Low acid, moisturizing shampoo & conditioner made for color treated hair is recommended. We suggest using Bigen Protect & Repair Shampoo and Deep Conditioner for best results.

How does Bigen Easy Color compare with semi-permanent colors?

Easy Color and semi-permanent colors are crucially different in color lasting. Bigen Easy Color is expected to last up to 3 months / 20 shampoos. Bigen Semi Permanent is expected to last up to a month / 8 shampoos.

How long can I store Easy Color once it is opened?

You can store it in the tubes tightly capped for about 3 months after the first use. You cannot store the creams once they are mixed. Please make sure to discard any mixtures.

Where can I buy Bigen Easy Color?

Easy Color can be found in many beauty supply stores. Check to find a store near you. You can also purchase directly online at:

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